We're STRANDED on a Roblox Island!

19 354 Դիտումներ 2մլն

We have to explore and build our new island in Roblox!
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    Flossy rose
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    It’s really good

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    Sienna Rosol
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    Ciana.. It sounds like my name TuT

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    omg funneh your funny✌✌✌

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    Khrisna Wijayanti
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    Play Disaster Simulation tommorow

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    Monserrath Marin Valencia
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    A time Stover

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    Tatum_ Olivia
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    Whalen funneh screens it’s very loud and the krew

  12. michelle
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    i love your videos sooo much funny

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    Normal Teenager
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    james yasser Geguiera
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    land is kinda nice

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  17. Vir Balandra
    Vir Balandra
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    Were on an island Dig a hole and burry it again Draco 2021

  18. Vir Balandra
    Vir Balandra
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    Are we gonna ignore the cow trying to get in the portal 15:05

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  20. A De La Pena
    A De La Pena
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    Me: I wanna play Stranded Also me: But I wanna play Islands

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    Adriana Korte
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    Funny is so kind 💙

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    Vi c

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    I get it a 100

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    Looks like my little pony (Twilight Sparcl) =pony

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    Red Sus
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    its booga booga not ooga booga

  27. Sarah’s FUN ADVENTURES
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    I see a bunny in the water by the cliff

  28. Elson Agalliu
    Elson Agalliu
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    Funneh:I like it Me:I like I ka t

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    Its Byorn ( Be or n)

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  32. Jolyn Vlog Dela torre
    Jolyn Vlog Dela torre
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    what game they played?' i dont know the name ;-;

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    Ariana Oppenheim
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    Thai Star
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    btw it's not orgs it's ogers

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    tiara pratiwi
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    Raimbow said spliting is bad and naw he say spliting is good

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    lyn bautista
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    it's look's like minecaft

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    So good

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    kat mimic chapter three has come

  41. Atsumu’s Dairy
    Atsumu’s Dairy
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    Come to think of it, they never finished there skyblox series still

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  43. Of the sky Storm
    Of the sky Storm
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    Golden dragon should be a game team

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    Shut up

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    hmm......ah yes gamer bread

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    John Carl Garcia
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    fun fact:a youtuber made that fame

    1. John Carl Garcia
      John Carl Garcia
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  48. Potato Pleb
    Potato Pleb
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    Nobody: Me: trying to think of something funny to say and it has something to do with the video f̸a̸i̸l̸s̸

  49. Emma PlayzRobloxXD
    Emma PlayzRobloxXD
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    Nobody :The only Krew on my fyp :)

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    what is the game called

  51. saidamin nagamora
    saidamin nagamora
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    What game is it?

  52. Darcey-mai Dowd
    Darcey-mai Dowd
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    Fool funnehs not a fool

  53. eM-Jhay Bayle
    eM-Jhay Bayle
    16 օր առաջ

    i like the part when funneh is having a tour cause the part when lunar put out a bucket and a water is coming out on the wall of toilet

    1. eM-Jhay Bayle
      eM-Jhay Bayle
      16 օր առաջ

      i just laughed soo hard

  54. kawaii Cookie_YT
    kawaii Cookie_YT
    16 օր առաջ

    At 0:46 why did funneh’s cursor look like it was having a seizure-

  55. Kinleigh Hensarling
    Kinleigh Hensarling
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  56. Soni Cabey
    Soni Cabey
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    Make the flag krew coulors (yellow, green,blue, purple and pink)

  57. Funneh Is Smert
    Funneh Is Smert
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    Not me watching Funneh break the dirt block with pickaxe ;-;

  58. Fnaf Friends Squad
    Fnaf Friends Squad
    17 օր առաջ

    me looking at the comments: i wish i wrote that

  59. Ea Plunkers
    Ea Plunkers
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    Funny don’t kill the cows😡

  60. Afton Vansy
    Afton Vansy
    17 օր առաջ

    4:16 that 101 pieces of grass sitting in her inventory like:

  61. claudelia
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    funneh:hello guys

  62. Vanessa Grace Villaviray
    Vanessa Grace Villaviray
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    UwO bohs

  63. Richard Crum
    Richard Crum
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    So funny is not real AMget boy Alex and Zack is real AMget boys

  64. Richard Crum
    Richard Crum
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    I just want to be outside funny and Alex are good friends but Alice had too many people

  65. Kabari
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    can someone please tell meh how to get a shovel im a starter but i wanna plant wheat

  66. Ege Bujuk
    Ege Bujuk
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  67. Ege Bujuk
    Ege Bujuk
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    Rubi Jaimes
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    I’m your biggest fan

  69. Rubi Jaimes
    Rubi Jaimes
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  70. IzzyJ
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    krew do bank tycoon on roblox

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    Thomaslee Edwards
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    Make a SOS sign

  72. Dharakha Sasikumar
    Dharakha Sasikumar
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    15:09: Does anyone even notice that jumping cow🤣😂

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    Lauren Shoup
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    I love your videos

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    Siti. Nuridah4
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    Bruh I Heard funneh Said " What the fuvk* like bruh

  75. Nathanieh Flex
    Nathanieh Flex
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    Y’all did good in the rafty crafty island 🌴🤣💖

  76. Affindi Kasim
    Affindi Kasim
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    I feel like most of the comments start with” can we take a moment to appreciate...” Its nice tho 👍

  77. Jonel Jester Cabral
    Jonel Jester Cabral
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    Wat. Name. Of. The. Game. Not. Roblox.

  78. Thh h.c xyi I uh b
    Thh h.c xyi I uh b
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    Kaitlyn Hisoler
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    it's jonny
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  82. it's jonny
    it's jonny
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    Sienna R
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    Patrick Lee
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  86. Yuqing Chen
    Yuqing Chen
    19 օր առաջ

    24:21 it was draco who maked the 3 path thing. im a snitch

  87. jaimieangel
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    Dodo and dodocat for kids
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  91. Caleb Ferrer Ruiz
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    James Pollard
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  93. _ΔCheska_playzΔ_
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  98. Just A Random Letter
    Just A Random Letter
    20 օր առաջ

    24:35 "Oh wait, no Draco it's better extra- *oooohhh* **gasp** who made it thicc"

  99. Lee
    20 օր առաջ

    Draco 2017-2018- WhEre Is WaLmArT?

  100. Moon_glitch
    20 օր առաջ

    Funneh: no body’s gonna know The 1576298 people watching : Ok i know their secaroutes now