Teaching our PONY tricks in Roblox!

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We explore the wonderful horse valley in Roblox!
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    *Don't forget to like & subscribe!* HORSES? Yay or Neigh...?

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      Course I love your AMget channel

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      Yay for the video and Neigh for the horse's

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    jordyn horsfield
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    that's funny I've got a horse named moon

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    rainbow is to toll fo the tern

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    FUNNEH I AM YOUR BEST FAN funneh funneh

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    Katie The equestrian
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    I ride horses in real life

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    I named my horse draconite

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    Angelia Tan
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    Funneh: Come on Morgan time for training. Lunar: I upgraded my morgan into a friesian. Me: At least she said it correctly

  11. Regan Harley
    Regan Harley
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    please play more horse valley

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    Levi Jones
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    Morgan is a type of horse not it’s name

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    yee haw

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      (aka horse valley)

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    saba irfan
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    funneh go to the second gate and click on hay

  17. Holley Goldring
    Holley Goldring
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    How to ride a horse how to feed a horse how to take care of horse how to BE A HORSE Lunar:How to chop

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    Zoe Coles
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    whats the game?

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    Love your videos

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    Hey they eat hey!

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    wat is the game called

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    cookienotfoned ?!
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    I have a cat that look like that and the name!

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    Funneh: Morgan is a great name Me: uhhhhhhhhhh Morgz: Ten thousand dollars even though im british!

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    yay uwu

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    Funneh: My house Mrgan is the toughest. Also Funneh: *looses race*

  28. Kaomi Kyae 2027
    Kaomi Kyae 2027
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    we have horses and my name is also kat!

    1. Kaomi Kyae 2027
      Kaomi Kyae 2027
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      trixter and topper

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    Foxy Wolf123
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    my name is morgan and your pony is called morgan

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    0:19 uhhbh😧

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    Brian Schnable
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    Marley had a foal who is Wind Racer and they are both wild

  32. Brian Schnable
    Brian Schnable
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    P.s my horse Marley sacrificed her self to save me from a wolf pack

  33. Toasty Willow
    Toasty Willow
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    *me when I get on horse valley* Uhhh Why am I the horse- *gets on my horse* 0o0 A HORSE RIDING A HIRSE YEEHAW

  34. Amy Fonex
    Amy Fonex
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    pondi! love the themes!

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    Jouri Mohamed
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    wow my cat is called oreo and i found a cat in the vid called oreo wowie .-.

  36. Funmi Alao
    Funmi Alao
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    Draco: we learn how to feed horses, breed horses, BE HORSES Lunar: and CHOP HORSES Funeh: umm.....?

  37. Our Little Friends Six And Mono
    Our Little Friends Six And Mono
    22 օր առաջ

    How to BE A HORSES -Draco 2021-2021

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    Love John
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    my sister name is naomi and she on my profile picture

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    omg funneh u r my idle i liked and sub

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    Ummm is for kids I am a 👩🏾‍🎤 kid 👩🏽🧕🏾 umm 😅

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    Bigmac Playz
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    Funneh: Bedtime horsy *lets the horse hit the wall* *horse backs up * FUnneh: CYA

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    Kkkkkkkk jefkgjbtrgkbhjjiuikkjuynhytnyjt

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    Pls do part 2

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    The food camrer it’s for the horses

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    Morgan don’t be slow 😡😠😡😠

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  49. Eyanni Hilaire
    Eyanni Hilaire
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    Me just thinking that they would relieve that its there horses that are thirsty and hungry not them

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    Hi it’s Brooklyn, I’m a big fan of funneh and new to videos

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    At 6:00am or 8:00am

  52. Louise Yep
    Louise Yep
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    Can I be your teacher on horse valley user gamingspeed23232

  53. Louise Yep
    Louise Yep
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    Muck out Get fresh shaving Put Haynes up Give horse so love Go riding for an hour and rest Beach rides Jumps Barrels Lunge circuit

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    Me see’s Funneh’s horse is named Morgan:MORGAN FREEMAN!

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    my fear is nyctophobia is fear of darkness

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    rainbow being a motivational speaker *meanwhile funnel trying to kill lunar horse*

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    I have a DA next day....

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    Karla Rivas
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    What is that game called?

  60. Caitlin Vila
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    Funneh: doesn't relize thirst and hunger bar is for horse lol ok the whole crew until funnel gives her horse water

  61. Skaidra Sirs
    Skaidra Sirs
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    For ppl who dont know what TPN means:the promised neverland

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    Y0lk Y0Lk
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    the reason funneh has a horse first because she might of played the old version of the game

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    My cat is in the game

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    Im morgan freemen. Im not a horse. 🐴

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    where are all my equestrians at

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    OMG I play that game a lot and I have the clydstayle

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    Hey funneh play ark with the krew

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    What's the name of the game

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    Funny play teacher simulator

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    My horse is faster than the krews I can prove it :

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    Hi funneh

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    I like that they talk about the fish in tpn/ tpn was good

  76. Kriti Prashanth
    Kriti Prashanth
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    Lunar: how to chop hors- I MEAN how to chop trees 😅 Me: 👁 👄 👁

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    I wanna make the mogan of the morgan of the morgan morgan?

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    her: doesnt even know her thrist is so low me: BOI YOUR THIRST SO LOW DRINK SOMETHING

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    Morgan's starving and thirsty-

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    The cat Oreo reminded me of my cat named Oreo that looked like that but ran away in 2014 );

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      Ashley Abshire
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      Biggest lie my parents told me “Oreo will come back”

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    I like horses 😘😍

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    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ih

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    Is nobody gonna talk about the eyelashes?? 0:07

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    The water is for your horses

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    Oreo the cat

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    Am i the only one that forgot that most of the krew actually watch anime ;-;

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    Fav lines How to be a horses~ HOW TO CHOP!

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    Did funneh say the looks like for tpn 😨 tpn = the promised neverland???????????

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